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Little Arrow's Wild Wishesnominated for the Welsh Music Prize!


See new work at our parent company, the Award Winning Ctrl Alt Design



As a record label we aspire to only ever put out records that look, sound, feel, smell and, yes, taste utterly gorgeous. We offer you an ironclad guarantee that any and all of our releases will be beautifully packaged, low run and limited edition. Digital technology and downloading may be all the rage with the young ‘uns these days but, to us, the feeling of tactility when holding a freshly purchased album can’t ever be replaced. Sup in the scent of the vinyl. Explore the detail of the artwork. Rub it on your face or belly. Lick it if you like. But, ultimately, listen to it and love it for what it is; a piece of art.

We are simple people with simple plans. We have but one overarching remit: to create and release top quality, honest, intelligent and incisive music. Oh, and to make every release look so beautiful you want to cry into your comfort blanket. As a collective baring our tortured, creative souls, the only request we make of you is to intrepidly explore our site, listen to our music and watch our videos when you have a spare second. It’s not too much to ask, really.

Our design and illustration work is carried out by award-winning and refreshingly humble design company, Ctrl Alt Design.

Our music videos are made with love, flair and an eye for detail by On-Par Productions.